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Theme Prompt: #042 – White Noise
Title: False Truths, True Lies
Fandom: The InCryptid Series
Rating/Warnings: PG
Bonus: Yes
Word Count: 702
Summary: She misses the city.

false truths, true lies )
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Tumblr post (this is likely a reblog, and may have more pictures over there)
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Two Highlander fanfic archives, Daire’s Fanfic Refuge and HL Raven’s Nest, are being imported to AO3:

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Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 12:56
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So I had not seen or thought twice about Twin Peaks since like 2011 if that, and I hadn't thought a LOT about it then, until [personal profile] ceebee_eebee went into an ecstatic new-canon frenzy and convinced me to watch a bunch of episodes last night.

And then it turns out I have a lot of feelings about One-Eyed Jack's. Like a lot. And I woke up with a scene very vividly in my head, and, well.

the edge of the carving knife (919 words), by [personal profile] thatyourefuse

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Twin Peaks
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Ben Horne & Blackie O'Reilly
Characters: Ben Horne, Blackie O'Reilly
Additional Tags: Screenplay/Script Format, minor stylistic experiments, Missing Scene, (sort of), canon-typical noir iconography, canon-typical sexualized menace, canon-typical Ben Horne being awful, canon-typical abuse of poetry, ladies sing the blues, Tarot, the unrelenting self-pity and ennui of horrible men, Blackie O'Reilly is like the author's favorite tertiary character in anything in years, this dynamic is everything the author is a sucker for, the author is not sorry

Summary: Don't smoke in bed.

An actual update

Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 18:23
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I am making another attempt to return to DW. I have been checking out DW more during the last months but when I opened the post window my mind went blank.

So, what has happened since my last entry in, wait, October? Wow. It did not seem like so much time had passed since my last attempt. Anyway, I am on holiday at the moment and waiting for [personal profile] mystisblom to arrive on Thurday. We are going to Lisbon for a week. Anyone been there and has tips? I have a list but there is always space for more.

My littlest niece is going to the US as an exchange student this summer, to the most hilariously fake-Austrian village in Michigan. I am trying my hardest to be supportive and not roll my eyes too hard.

In fandom news, I am still very much in love with Derek & Stiles even though I cannot make myself care about Teen Wolf in any shape or form anymore. I live only in fanfic land.

I finally watched Rogue One a few weeks ago. I tried when it came out but it bored me so I never watched more than 20 minutes or so. This time around I cried hopeless, bitter tears about Jyn and Cassian. Why so cruel, world, why? So I have been reading fix-it fic a lot, obviously.

There hasn't been anything else that captured my attention. I have been looking forward to the new Prison Break so, so much, but I just couldn't get into it. I still haven't watched more than the first two episodes. I think I will wait until the season is over and then binge watch.

I think this is enough for the moment. Hello. *waves*

the light in my eyes is strange

Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 12:21
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I dreamt that I attended a wedding and Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, and Ewan McGregor were also guests, and the entire bridal party ( party? can it be a bridal party if it's two dudes getting married?) was dressed as French sailors (i.e., navy and white striped shirts, high-waisted navy trousers, and berets!). Then LION from Steven Universe showed up. I still don't know who was getting married, though.

Then I woke up and emailed myself a completely unrelated story idea that is feasible but gosh autocorrect makes trying to read those written at 2 AM while half-blind emails difficult. Luckily, since the idea is basically "these characters bang for ~reasons" there wasn't much figuring out to do. *snerk*

This morning, I had one of those eye migraine things, which made me late for work since I didn't feature taking the stairs down into the subway with the vision in my right eye going all fractal, so I waited until it passed. I don't get them very often but they are freaky when I do. And for the first time, today's has left me with a headache. Or maybe it's the weather. Sigh. Monday being Monday, I guess.


American Gods: Git Gone
spoilers )

Brooklyn Nine Nine: Your Honor & The Slaughterhouse
spoilers are beloved by mothers )

At some point I'll catch up on other tv shows, but it didn't happen this weekend. Sigh.

In other tv news, [personal profile] skygiants is watching The Clone Wars, and has a fun recap of the first ten episodes here. If I'm stuck having feelings that aren't annoyance and dislike about Anakin Skywalker, I'm going to drag as many people down with me as I can. I am just saying. #i hate that i have ~feelings about darth vader now



Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 17:03
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Last week I watched this blackbird build her nest. Its about six feet from my garden gate and around four feet something from the ground. She has been nesting in it for the past two days and seems unperturbed by either me or Digby.

Books read in 2017

Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 11:41
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33. Mouse and Dragon, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e)
32. Caszandra, Andrea K. Host (e)
31. Lab Rat One, Andrea K. Host (e)
30. Stray, Andrea K. Host (e)
29. The Cat Who Turned On and Off, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
28. Apprentice in Death, J.D. Robb (e/l)
27. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
26. The Face in the Frost, John Bellairs (e)
25. Hanged for a Sheep, Frances and Richard Lockridge (e)
24. Xamnesia, Lizzie Harwood (e)
23. Convergence, C. J. Cherryh, (read aloud with Steve)
22. Rock Addiction, Nalini Singh (e)
21. The Stranger in the Woods, Michael Finkel
20. Etched in Bone, Anne Bishop (e)
19. Rider at the Gate, CJ Cherryh (re-read)
18. Small Gods, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
17. Silence Fallen, Patricia Briggs (e)
16. The Cold Eye, Laura Anne Gilman
15. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
14. Memory, Linda Nagata (e)
13.  Bonita Faye, Margaret Moseley (e)
12.  Burn for Me, Ilona Andrews (e)
11. Snuff, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
10. A Taste of Honey, Kai Ashante Wilson (e)
9.  Some Danger Involved, Will Thomas
8.  Thud!, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
7.  White Tiger, Kylie Chan
6.  The Hanging Tree, Ben Aaronovitch
5.  Trading in Danger, Elizabeth Moon (e)
4.  The Wolf in the Attic, Paul Kearney (e)
3.  The Cat Who Saw Red, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
2.  Inside the Texas Chicken Ranch: The Definitive Account of the Best Little Whorehouse, Jayme Lynn Blaschke (e)
1. Sand of Bone, Blair MacGregor (e)
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I keep trying to write up my response to Castle in the Air but basically I really liked it a lot and it was great, also there was a very angry kitten, and the things I want to talk about it end up being complicated structural/worldbuilding questions that go beyond just this book. So I think I will just do a short three things capsule and save the drafts for more pondering:

Castle in the Air by Diana Wynne Jones )

Contrast this to the other YA series I finished in the last couple weeks, Laurence Yep's Dragon of the Lost Sea series, which has been my nemesis since I was about nine because the library had ONLY THE THIRD BOOK, which BEGAN AND ENDED AT CLIFFHANGERS, and twenty-five years later I had still only managed to find one of the others, plus Yep kept publishing books with "Dragon" in the title that were super-realistic stories about the Asian-American experience and I am sure they were great and all but they did not have actual DRAGONS in them so that was a terrible bait-and-switch, Mr. Yep. Anyway I finally went wait, I am a grown-up and a librarian now so I can just ILL them if I want.

Dragon of the Lost Sea by Laurence Yep )

I also read Captain Blood for FMK yesterday! It is another one that I really liked, and tbh I liked it too much to want to think about it in a critical way as opposed to a squee way. So here are three things for it too:

Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini )

Also despite 1922 Captain Blood was way better on both race and gender than the community theater production of Peter Pan I went to see a friend in yesterday, so, you know, that was a thing where they had elementary school kids wear feather headbands and say "ugh" lot, it definitely was.

Last weekend I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Dr. Strange, because I have the best friends.

Guardians of the Galaxy )

Dr. Strange )

Also I now really really need the story where Thor is fucking his way though all the Infinity Stone bearers. I may possibly even need to write it myself. ;_;

Let's see, what else have I been meaning to post about here? Oh! I did read Makt Myrkranna and Pale Guardian, did I post about them?

Makt Myrkranna, the early Icelandic Dracula translation, managed to be a better Dracula story than Dracula, I think. Vilma was great. Also possibly helped by the fact that Iceland has much more of a living tradition of revenants, maybe, so it felt more like it was part of a vampire tradition? IDK. Also I apparently now know enough Icelandic that I could immediately tell when the translation footnotes were screwed up and referenced to the wrong part of the text.

Pale Guardian was the new Ashers novel. 1) That continues to have the best vampire worldbuilding I have ever encountered, and she always follows it to the logical conclusion and makes it work, and she made it work on the front in WWI too; 2) The way James just accepts the fact that the London vampires basically treat him as one of their own at this point was really good character development? 3) He REALLY needs to catch up with the other two and realize he is in a poly triad not a poly V already.

...and that is probably enough.

Before I leave for Iceland on Sunday I still have both Becky Chambers books and two FMK to read and also to decide whether to actually read that Falco book I checked out right before I read the last one and she made it weird, or return it unread.
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Daniel and the Goddess


“How did you—?” Dan was flat on the bed, naked, with Charlotte straddling his thighs.

“Shut up.”

“This isn’t turning out how I thought it would.”

She bore down, impaling herself.

“No foreplay tonight?”

“Do I have to cut your tongue out?”

He caught a whiff of iodine and sea salt, along with a hint of Joy, as her fire engulfed him, the pulse of her inner muscles began rippling up and down his prick. His mind exploded like a Catherine wheel, throwing off flares of carmine, crimson and purple light, and out beyond Antares new stars began appearing.

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There’s a lot of advice swirling around out there on “How to talk to your partner” – a thousand techniques to chip past their defensiveness, speak loudly enough to be heard, be nice enough to encourage niceness.

And it all falls short if your partner sucks.

Truth is, there’s basically two types of partners: The ones that care about how you’re feeling, and the ones who don’t. And sometimes the partners who care about how you’re feeling do need to be approached in the right way to maximize their compassion, but…

There’s a lot of deluded people who have partners who legitimately do not give a shit. And those people are endlessly convinced that their partner is a bank vault, just packed with love if only they can find the right tutorial to pick the locks, and they are endlessly blaming themselves because they somehow didn’t unlatch the great wellspring of tenderness that lies within them.

There’s not an approach that’ll help there.

And these people will point to their partner’s sporadic kindnesses as though these isolated incidents are a treasure map leading to the great stockpile of sympathy. But the truth is, almost everybody’s nice occasionally, if only by coincidence. Sometimes these unreachable partners want to make love when you do, but that’s not proof that they’re good to you, it’s proof that occasionally disparate agendas can line up like an optical illusion of kindness.

So the first part of establishing any real communication is ensuring that your partner actually gives a shit about you personally. Do they react with concern or exasperation the first time you raise an issue? Do they look for ways to write you off as a nut because it’s more convenient to them? Do they have a history of dropping partners whenever they prove troublesome?

Because yeah, you can – and should – work on presenting your problems in a kind, nonconfrontational way. But chefs work on great food presentation, and even they realize it won’t make a full man hungry.

First rule: Make sure they care about you.

Everything you do after they fail the first rule is, unfortunately, doomed to fail as well.

Cross-posted from Ferrett's Real Blog.

Moving on down

Mon, May. 22nd, 2017 09:47
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Over the weekend our desks at work were moved from the 15th floor to the 7th floor. This is part of a long term plan to consolidate most of our space on the 7th and 8th floor of the building, so we weren't specifically chosen for this as such.

There are good things and bad things about my new space. The bad is that it's even smaller than my old cube up on 15, and that wasn't too spacious to begin with. The good is that I actually have access to natural daylight! Because of the orientation of the desk, my chair isn't facing a window but it's out there at about 7:00 over my shoulder! Natural daylight! I haven't had access to natural daylight at my desk in several years!

And now begins a few hours of unpacking my crates and making sure that I have some place to put everything.


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