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Posted by Valentina Palladino

Enlarge (credit: Valentina Palladino)

Samsung isn't the only company that has had deal with exploding products. A Wisconsin woman told ABC News that her new Fitbit Flex 2 activity tracker "exploded" on her wrist while she read a book earlier this week. Dina Mitchell was treated at an area urgent care provider the next day and was left with second-degree burns on her wrist.

After the device combusted, Mitchell quickly removed it from her wrist. Doctors allegedly had to remove small pieces of rubber and plastic from her arm left by the melting device. Mitchell received the Flex 2 as a birthday gift and only had it for about two weeks before the incident.

Fitbit knows about the incident and offered Mitchell a free replacement device. Fitbit provided Ars its full statement:

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Just One Thing (27 April 2017)

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2017 07:42
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It's challenge time!

Comment with Just One Thing you've accomplished in the last 24 hours or so. It doesn't have to be a hard thing, or even a thing that you think is particularly awesome. Just a thing that you did.

Feel free to share more than one thing if you're feeling particularly accomplished!

Extra credit: find someone in the comments and give them props for what they achieved!

Nothing is too big, too small, too strange or too cryptic. And in case you'd rather do this in private, anonymous comments are screened. I will only unscreen if you ask me to.

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Posted by Dan Goodin

Enlarge (credit: Gammew)

Last week, Ars introduced readers to Hajime, the vigilante botnet that infects IoT devices before blackhats can hijack them. A technical analysis published Wednesday reveals for the first time just how much technical acumen went into designing and building the renegade network, which just may be the Internet's most advanced IoT botnet.

As previously reported, Hajime uses the same list of user name and password combinations used by Mirai, the IoT botnet that spawned several, record-setting denial-of-service attacks last year. Once Hajime infects an Internet-connected camera, DVR, and other Internet-of-things device, the malware blocks access to four ports known to be the most widely used vectors for infecting IoT devices. It also displays a cryptographically signed message on infected device terminals that describes its creator as "just a white hat, securing some systems."

Not your father's IoT botnet

But unlike the bare-bones functionality found in Mirai, Hajime is a full-featured package that gives the botnet reliability, stealth, and reliance that's largely unparalleled in the IoT landscape. Wednesday's technical analysis, which was written by Pascal Geenens, a researcher at security firm Radware, makes clear that the unknown person or people behind Hajime invested plenty of time and talent.

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'Tis with some chagrin that I open a letter from dearest Belinda, that writes that she hears that I am return'd to Town, and I mind that I have not writ to her this age. I hope she does not take offense in the matter or suppose I go scorn her.

But she writes in all good humour to mention that they have had dealings with Captain C-, and that she is in correspondence with Chancery over the matter of T-, but she doubts that there will be any immediate action; and she hopes that I may join 'em for the Derby again this year. She also wonders a little whether my jaunt abroad had somewhat to do with that matter I open'd to 'em last summer. But as I am happyly return'd she confides that all's well.

So I address myself at once to inditing a letter to her with as much of my news as 'tis prudent to convey, and declaring that 'twould be an entire pleasure to join their party for the Derby.

'Tis most particular shocking to me to have neglect'd to write to her, when I contemplate that this very e'en I am bound to Lord A-'s ball at B- House, that will sure be a matter of interest to her.

But indeed, I have been entire besieg'd with invitations and callers and the wranglings among the philanthropick set, and trying put my writings in fit condition to be publisht or stag'd, and going furbish up my wardrobe so that Docket will not scold me. Yet 'tis most thoughtless in me.

But I cannot regret the hours spent about my wardrobe when I go have Docket and Sophy array me for the B- House ball: sure I am a vain creature, but it pleases me to look so exceeding well in a fine new satin gown of Maurice's devizing, with my fine Hindoo rubies blazing about my neck and my pearls gleaming in my hair. They stand back and look very approving.

Docket nods and says sure Maurice does excellent fine work.

I arrive at B- House late enough not to be unfashionable early, but not so late as to look haughty. I greet Lord and Lady A- very warm: I confide that she is at that stage of increase where she begins show a little but is like to feel exceeding well. Certainly she looks so, and I remark upon how very much she is in looks. Lord A- looks at her very proud and says, but she should not overdo: I daresay Mrs O- B- has been dispensing cautions.

I say that I hope we may have the pleasure of hearing her sing, if only a little, before I proceed up the stair to see the rest of the company.

Sure one would not know B- House for that desolate wreck that us'd to be, 'tis now a fine fashionable residence entire throng'd with quite the best society, and I can hardly even believe it that same place where I was menac'd by that creeping madman. The chamber in which I was so terroriz'd by that horrid apparition is now a fine musick room in which Mrs O- B- goes delight an audience with her song.

I go in very quiet and sit down to listen for a little while, and find myself next to Sebastian K-. We nod very civil to one another in silence so as not to distract the other listeners.

After Mrs O- B- goes sit down to considerable applause, I stand and leave the room, for tho' tis most agreeable to listen to good singing, I must go improve the shining hour, whilst I also demonstrate that I may still dance a very great deal without I go swoon.

I should perchance have preferr'd not to dance with Mr O- B- so early in the proceedings, for tho' a most amiable fellow is a quite wretch'd dancer that treads upon my feet, but I must show civil. Is most effusive as to what a fine residence this is, how very pleasant Lord A- shows - has took him a time or two to play goff at Blackheath ('tis indeed a great mark of favour); entirely doats upon Charley, and comes about to an apprehension of the duties of his rank.

Why, says I, that is entire pleasing. Was ever an agreeable young fellow but somewhat of a careless fribble.

Goes very meritorious to take up the business of his estates, goes on Mr B-. And is a fellow will listen to advice.

The dance ends and I endeavour not to hobble as I quit the floor. I stand wriggling my toes to ascertain they are not broken.

Comes over Lord O-, that has been dancing with Cousin Lalage – 'tis in exceeding good ton of him – and asks me to dance. I concede with pleasure.

He says, he is entire glad that Lady B- is return’d to Town, along with Mr MacD- - he gives a certain smile by which I confide he supposes that we have been about matters for The Cause; 'tis indeed not entirely mistook – for he comes about to have the manuscript for the book of his travels complet’d, and would scarce dare venture it upon the world without he took it before our judgements.

O, poo, says I, I am like to suppose 'tis quite entire its own recommendation: Mr L- was most entire prepossesst by the preliminary essays he publisht – declar’d they had a fine virile style -

The Marquess’s lips twitch and he says, sure he cannot have suppos’d how much assistance I had from a certain lady of the pen -

Tush, says I, 'tis entire like unto advizing concerning furbishing up a residence: a gentleman’s study and a lady’s boudoir will require a different approach. But, I go on, I see that you have quite another kind of production in progress –

He looks somewhat more sober and says, sure the prospect is exceeding delightfull, but one cannot entire be unfearfull, 'tis a perilous matter for women.

'Tis indeed so, says I, I hope you have her in good hands?

He says that he understands Mr H- to be very well-thought-of in the man-midwife line.

Entirely, says I, tho’ did you prefer a midwife of the more usual sex there is one whose interest I might advance to you.

He looks thoughtfull and says, he will ask his dear Hippolyta what she might prefer.

At the end of the measure I observe Lieutenant H- approaching. He makes me a leg and offers that I might care to dance? As he leads me onto the floor I remark that I had not expect’d to see him still in Town rather than return’d to his ship. He sighs somewhat and says, is at present second’d to duty at the Admiralty, sure had rather be at sea, hears I was lately at Naples, was the fleet there?

O, says I, arriv’d just about as I was about returning to Town, heard the Admiral’s excellent news.

He says somewhat of what a fine fellow is the Admiral, what a privilege 'tis to serve with him, and then his gaze strays to where Em is dancing with some fellow that I do not immediate recognize, and I confide that there are certain attractions ashore, even does he yearn for salt water.

At the end of the dance he goes with great expedition solicit Em, and I look about me and see where Viola is sitting. I go greet her and she says, she confides I have not yet been introduc’d to Rebecca G-, that is dear Jacob’s niece, and Julia P-, from Bombay.

They are indeed very fine-looking young women, of a most out of the common exotick style of beauty, that make exceeding civil. Miss P- in particular has a fine ivory-tint’d complexion and smooth raven hair and finely-cut features; perchance there is a little look of the Orient, that may be attribut’d to her upbringing in Bombay. I am like to think that Sir Z- R- would be quite wild to paint her, and remark on this.

Why, says Viola, perchance we might go to his studio one day, there can be entirely no objection to the matter.

Then come up the gentlemen to whom the young ladies have promis’d the next dance. I sit down beside Viola, ignoring that Sir V- P- endeavours catch my eye to come solicit me.

I mind, says I, that Martha found the scent of paints &C somewhat unsettling when she first went increase with Deborah.

Viola sighs and says, indeed she at present finds there are certain scents do cause a certain qualmishness, 'tis somewhat tiresome. Might you, dear C-, be kind enough to take 'em there? Are they not quite among the belles of the Season?

Entirely, says I, do they yet have any eligible offers?

O, there are several go pay 'em most particular attention, but do not yet come to that point. But 'twixt their looks, their portions, and their very excellent address, I cannot think they will linger upon hand very long. And, she goes on, Miss C- I think has already took, Lord V- shows exceeding smitten.

So 'tis give out, says I. What about Lady Rosamund?

Viola sighs and says, she was anticipating a young woman that would display theologickal objections like unto her brother; and sure she is mind’d to suppose that that would be a deal less exasperating than the ways she shows. But, she goes on, you should not be sitting out with me, dearest C-, I am sure that there are a deal of fellows quite panting to dance with the exquisite Lady B-.

'Tis possible, I concede, so be I may evade the antient ram. Aha, I continue, I observe Mr Geoffrey M- -

Viola laughs somewhat immoderate and says, do you go have a youthfull cicisbeo like unto Lady Z-? 'Twill be said that you have got quite into Italian habits.

O, poo, says I, he is an agreeable and respectfull young fellow.

Indeed, he comes over and makes an elegant leg – one may most certain see the effect of his association with Milord – and offers that I may care to dance?

I rise and curtesy and we go tread a measure, during which he conveys to me some very shocking matters he has lately discover’d in his studies concerning the laws of the nation.

Finn washes his face like a cat.

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2017 01:56
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...is this normal poodle behavior?
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Posted by Eric Berger

Enlarge (credit: NASA Inspector General)

When NASA began developing a rocket and spacecraft to return humans to the Moon a decade ago as part of the Constellation Program, the space agency started to think about the kinds of spacesuits astronauts would need in deep space and on the lunar surface. After this consideration, NASA awarded a $148 million contract to Oceaneering International, Inc. in 2009 to develop and produce such a spacesuit.

However, President Obama canceled the Constellation program just a year later, in early 2010. Later that year, senior officials at the Johnson Space Center recommended canceling the Constellation spacesuit contract because the agency had its own engineers working on a new spacesuit and, well, NASA no longer had a clear need for deep-space spacesuits. However, the Houston officials were overruled by agency leaders at NASA's headquarters in Washington, DC.

A new report released Wednesday by NASA Inspector General Paul Martin sharply criticizes this decision. "The continuation of this contract did not serve the best interests of the agency’s spacesuit technology development efforts," the report states. In fact, the report found that NASA essentially squandered $80.6 million on the Oceaneering contract before it was finally ended last year.

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It is a long trek from allowing people to believe falsely that you lost 'close personal friends' at Hillsborough to comparing yourself to Mahatma Gandhi but it is a journey that the UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall is determined to take.

According to the Independent, Mr Nuttall claims that his views are a decade ahead of our time just like the more enlightened, pacifist Indian leader. The only problem with that self-serving analysis of course is in fact, his and his party's views are actually rooted in some very old prejudices and have nothing to do with the future at all.

The paper says that the Ukip leader claimed other parties would, in time, come to support his party’s policies on issues such as banning the burqa and that he has attacked critics who he said "trivialised or sniggered" at Ukip’s announcement that it would ban face coverings:

“Ukip will lead on these and as I said in our press conference I feel as if we are a decade ahead of our time – a bit like we were a decade ahead of our time on getting out of the EU, and on mass immigration. We led the debate on those issues and we will lead on these.

“It is a bit like the Gandhi thing – first they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then you win."

When the party leader indulges in so many fantasies then there is hardly surprising that the latest poll puts them at 4%.

internet connection

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 23:57
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In April 2014, my internet provider starting charging a monthly modem lease fee of $6. In the prior 7 years, they had never charged such a fee. I even had a false memory that they had originally told me that the modem they gave me would belong to me. I noticed the higher charge on my bill, but mistakenly thought it was a rate increase.

Only in January 2015, when my statement mentioned that the fee was being increased to $8/month, did I realize I was paying a lease fee. I felt a combination of outrage (at being charged to rent my own property) and pleasant surprise (that I could be paying a lower monthly amount). I promptly turned the modem in, and bought my own to replace it.

I later found a note I had originally written down when signing up for the service, which did state that my ISP retained ownership of the modem. So my outrage was mollified in arrears.


In July 2016, I was having internet speed issues.

In September 2016, a lightning strike or surge through the internet cable fatally damaged my modem, router, and printer all at once.
So I had to replace all 3.

Since then, I no longer noticed the internet speed issue, but instead had instances where my internet connection would drop. It was quite random. A few times it was out for half an hour or longer, but mostly it came back up within a minute or so. Some days it would repeatedly drop and come back up.

This week I finally called TWC, now Spectrum, about the problem, and they sent a tech out to research it. Turns out that the ground wire was connected to the ground ok outside my cable box, but wasn't connected *inside* the box (which I could have figured out and fixed a long time ago myself, if they didn't use those annoying locking screws that I'd need to buy a special tool for, to open the box). The tech also replaced some other parts in the box, and said he'd check the connections at the pole. He said that there's probably a device on my line to stop me from getting cable (as I'm not paying for TV, only for internet), but those devices can go bad and cause problems, and there's no tool for testing them. He said he'd remove it from my line.

This evening, my internet speed (download) is 23 Mbps. The best speed I had ever had before was under 18 Mbps. Based on my rate, I'm only supposed to get up to 15. So I'm not sure what to make of that.

Before, the modem page was showing only one bonded upstream channel. I'm not sure how long that's been going on - it wasn't that way when I got the modem in September. But now it is back to showing all 4 bonded upstream channels.

Video title: M.I.A. - Internet Connection (Original)
Posted by: David Grossman
URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS_fXSEqI7c

Dang. YouTube changed their interface again.

18 is not enough

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2017 04:14
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Round two: I've seen nine of these ten artists live, which one is the lie?

The Blind Boys of Alabama
Blues Traveler
They Might Be Giants
Sarah McLachlan
Loreena Mckennitt
Gogol Bordello

and an easy bonus: which one have I seen on the east coast and the west

wednesday reading

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 21:44
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• What are you reading?

The Summer Without Men, by Siri Hustvedt.

• What did you recently finish reading?

Descender, Vol. 1: Tin Stars, by Jeff Lemire. A robot who is also an adorable little boy survives terrible and mysterious catastrophes. He may hold the key to understanding and preventing their return. The other characters and the settings are interesting. The art is beautiful. I would have loved this if I had read it when I was young. Now, I have read enough stories to notice when the plot is steered by the Rule of Cool, when the answer to "Why didn't the characters do the smart thing?" is "Because the author wanted a torture scene/a robot gladiator scene/a woman dying, gasping a slogan." Also, I have read enough stories that treat women as people to find the Weasley ratio really annoyingly noticeable. There's one female main character, one female supporting character, a few more who get a line but not a name. And only one of these female characters is human: the robot boy's dead mom.

• What do you think you’ll read next?

I've got suggestions to read or reread for my SF economics panel:

The Dispossessed, by Ursula K. Le Guin
Red Mars, Green Mars, and Blue Mars, by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson
Walkaway, by Cory Doctorow
The Peripheral, by William Gibson
The Marq'ssan Cycle books by L. Timmel Duchamp

More suggestions still welcome!

Science and History

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 20:26
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So last Saturday was a good one: We joined the San Francisco March for Science, only one of several Bay Area Marches for Science reported about in the San Jose Mercury News article linked here -- the paper's count seems off, though. Based on the aerial drone shots and mathematical calculations per the official Facebook page, it was closer to 50,000 in SF alone.

If you are interested in images rather than text, check out the three shots I posted on Instagram -- #1 (fannishly relevant to all fans of the true Captain America), #2 (that captures members of our Berkeley scientist group), and #3 (the most heartening one in many ways, also nerdy).

At night, then, we made it to HAMILTON: second time for me, thanks to an invitation from my wife's family to both the musical and the dinner before. My in-laws are the sweetest and most generous...as well as representative; most of the audience of this musical cast only with actors of color were wealthy White-looking people. (Sally has written a HAMILTON review, plus her tag has more entries.)

10 concerts meme

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2017 03:14
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ten artists, i have seen nine of them live. which one is the lie?

Weird Al Yankovic
The Police
Violent Femmes
Concrete Blonde
Leonard Cohen
Paul Simon
Tori Amos
Melissa Etheridge
Peter Gabriel
Florence+the Machine

bonus round: who have I seen twice?

achievement unlocked

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 21:52
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I set a personal goal of resolving 30 issues and/or submitting 30 pull requests in the month of April.

Assuming everything I have in the queue right now is eventually accepted, I can take credit for closing 31 issues and merging 34 PRs, and I've still got 4 days left.

Honestly, if I hadn't been pacing myself, I probably would have done more but been more frazzled as a result. As it is, I'm thinking I could probably do it again in May, as long as my wrists hold up.

That poppy time of year

Thu, Apr. 27th, 2017 14:13
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It was Anzac Day this week and the entire town is a sea of paper poppies and plywood poppies and crocheted poppies. Poppies on trees and poppies on churches and poppies on kindergartens.

Outside a childcare centre I saw a noticeboard which said "In lieu of Anzac Day..." and I had to turn back and read it, because that is not a phrase one expects to see in these nationalistic times. Could it be that this particular childcare centre is run by people who thinks glorification of war is an inappropriate thing to teach small children? Perhaps they were planning a celebration of international friendship and co-operation in lieu of Anzac Day? No, it turned out to be a request for parents to bring in photos of soldier ancestors for the children to stick on a commemoration wall, written by someone who thought "in lieu of Anzac Day" was a fancy way to say "for Anzac Day".

Ten or fifteen years ago we didn't have this sort of nationalistic fervour. I remember when Anzac Day was just something old people did, people who had lived through wars, and newspaper columnists worried about the dwindling numbers attending dawn parades and whether the whole thing was about to die out. It's very strange how things have turned around.

Things that make me go hmmm...

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 21:49
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1. After reading x-college boyfriend's post regarding which bands he didn't see in concert (apparently he saw all of them), I realized something...every guy I've either dated or spent a lot of time hanging out with is an insane music nerd. (ie. like the guy in High Fidelty, yes, I've dated the guy from High Fidelty.)

What is up with that?

Because I'm really not. And I find it annoying.

I can't remember the names of songs or the people who play them. Nor do I care. If I like the song, cool.

Not a fan of live concerts, only enjoyed one that I've been to possibly two. And while I love music, prefer listening to it or watching it without the insane feedback, where the lyrics and sound is completely lost. Never quite understood why it matters if you see it live or not.

Maybe all guys are like this? No, my father doesn't appear to be nor is my brother. They like music, but they aren't music nerds.

Very odd. Apparently I attract music nerds. Which, again, odd. I'm nerdy about a lot of things, but not music.

2. This is...


It's a ted talk by Pope Francis, which blew me away.
snippet of the full transcript below the cut )

sing america

Wed, Apr. 26th, 2017 22:10
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Sometimes you've just gotta throw up your hands and post some real classic Langston Hughes.

I, too )


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