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Does anyone have a sofa available on Monday night, the 23rd? I'm an unassuming houseguest.

Also, anyone for tea/coffee/pints Monday afternoon/evening? Evening. Eeeeeevening. Not too late though. I have a train to catch Tuesday morning.

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Pub Wednesday night? And does anyone have a couch going spare?ETA: couch not required, gotta hotel.

I have a day off so I am taking a brief, hopefully sanity-restoring trip to the motherland. The train fare cost a hair over £50, so you'll be buying the drinks. However I can guarantee witty appreciative conversation.

Reliable sources tell me that the Hoose sucks now. Is the regular meeting still there, or would Dagda or the 9A be a better bet?

London people!

Thu, Mar. 3rd, 2016 15:29
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I will be in That London for a training course next week, and I've wangled an extra evening there. Who fancies pints and/or ramen on Friday?

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Oh folks, hello folks. I am summoned unto Edinburgh this Friday to run a whisky tasting session for the Russians. After that (and, presumably, enough time on Saturday morning to recover), I'm in town until the following Thursday.

Obviously I want to see as many of you as possible, and I'll be in the pub on the Wednesday.

Anyone up for a trip out to North Berwick or something, on Saturday or Sunday?

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I aten't dead folks! Been busy being awesome. I know you understand.

Awesomer yet and on general release RIGHT THE HELL NOW, gratis to stream or torrent: Death Knight Love Story! In a world... suspiciously similar to the World of Warcraft universe... one corpse... forcibly resurrected in an unholy ceremony... escapes the dread legions of the Lich King. Can she learn to love again? Find out this summer this holiday season right the hell now.

Starring: BRIAN BLESSED as the Arthas the Lich King! JOANNA LUMLEY as Lady Mirabeux! JACK DAVENPORT OFF COUPLING as Zielieck! ANNA CHANCELLOR as Miria!

And, in a very brief cameo in the first couple of minutes, yr. corresp.!

On which note, I'm just going to leave this here:

  • I was in Death Knight Love Story with BRIAN BLESSED
  • who was in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Christian Slater
  • who was in Murder in the First with Kevin Bacon
Thus, as of yesterday, I have a Bacon Number of 3, which is ONE BETTER THAN HITLER.

For what it's worth, if you're keeping count, then if you're terribly charitable about the strictness of your definitions, we established last time that I also have an Erdős number of 8.

Go, link, share, watch etc. Did I mention it has BRIAN BLESSED as the Lich King?

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Oh folks, hello folks. RSNO plays Prokoviev's Romeo and Juliet at the Usher Hall next Friday, the 17th. Tickets a tenner. Who's coming?

(In Soviet Russia, Juliet and RomeYOU!)

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Oh folks, hello folks. I'd like to go to these. Who wants to come with me?

  • Florence + the Machine, Glasgow SECC, Monday 12th March. £29.50 a head. There's not really a machine. It's more of a concept. Nonetheless I like Florence a great deal and I suspect she's bloody awesome live.
  • All-new Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War Of The Worlds, Glasgow SECC, Tuesday 11th December. It's a brand new one starring Liam frickin' Neeson in Richard Burton's role. There's a 36-piece string orchestra and a 35-foot fighting machine that attacks the audience. (This one isn't just a concept.) And did I mention Liam Neeson? I have a huge man-crush on Neeson's voice. Tickets £42.50 or £62.50; not sure what you get for the extra twenty quid.

For either one it should theoretically be possible to get the late train back to Edinburgh.

Who's coming?

How to find me

Sun, Jan. 8th, 2012 16:55
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It's a brand new year and the sun is high, so in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, I shall herein list the various cyberlocations at which I am active online.

  • Blog: hie ye to Dreamwidth, where I am [personal profile] gominokouhai. Those of you without a Dreamwidth account can log in with any OpenID (including an LJ login). If, for reasons I cannot fathom, you still prefer Livejournal, everything that does not directly involve stuff I don't want the Russian Mafia to read is cross-posted to LJ, where I am also [livejournal.com profile] gominokouhai. If you don't have either, the blog has a handy RSS feed which you may plug into your favourite reader.

    Blogging has been light in 2011 because I've had a shitty year. I hope for this to improve and for my output to return to something like normal. Expect a mix of personal stuff (with any luck, only the vaguely interesting bits), spittle-flecked political ranting, and occasionally creative sentence constructions. And probably a lot about Doctor Who.

  • Twitter: For somewhat pithier commentary in much the same vein, microbloggery takes place here, where I am also [twitter.com profile] gominokouhai.

  • Photography: I am on Flickr. I'm a talented amateur at best, but there is occasionally a good one. Mostly I do landscapes. Photos have their own RSS feed.

  • Google Plus: I'm on it, but I haven't worked out yet what I'm going to use it for.

  • The Facebook: I am on it, but I never use it. I hate the bloody thing with the passion of a thousand suns, and so should you. The vast majority of notification emails from Facebook go into my spamtrap. If you're trying to invite me to something, I won't see it: have the courtesy to email.

  • Professionally: this is what Linkedin is for.

  • Delicious or Del.icio.us or whateverthefuck it's called now: I post links here. If all goes according to plan, they shall be daily autoblogged to DW, courtesy of [personal profile] andrewducker's remarkable Feedthistothat.

  • Erm: That's it.

I would love to know more cool people on any of the above sites (excepting the Facebook), so get in touch. Those of you in my DW circle can find the more mundane, meatspace coordinates here.

While we're on the subject, people have been asking what gomi no kouhai means. In response I shall give you this excerpt from William Gibson's short The Winter Market:

Rubin, in some way that no one quite understands, is a master, a teacher, what the Japanese call a sensei. What he's the master of, really, is garbage, kipple, refuse, the sea of cast-off goods our century floats upon. Gomi no sensei. Master of junk.

The opposite of a sensei is a kouhai, a student. I love cyberpunk; I wish there had been more of it. I still find it mildly amusing that I have a username which I selected back when Japanese stuff was cool and which is now, I hope, charmingly retro. Let it be known that I'm only being a weeaboo ironically.

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Livejournal doesn't give a shit about you and Dreamwidth does. It's exactly the same except it works better, it's less ugly, and the people who run it give a damn.

And DW doesn't get DDOSed every time the Russians have an election.

If you have friends on LJ and you're considering switching, chances are that those friends aren't going to be on LJ for long, either. Someone has to be first.

The vast majority of paid features on LJ are available with the free Dreamwidth account. You can import your posts and cross-post to LJ and set up RSS feeds for other people's LJ posts. Commenters can use OpenID to leave comments with their LJ login if they must. Nothing has to change except that you'll be somewhere where people like you.

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